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Great idea + Bad design = bad app

Everything is in the title! Even if the idea is great, the app carries an unusable GUI which seems to be made to prevent the user from understanding it ! Seriously, you should focus a lot on the UI! We dont need a good compiler, we need a good IDE !

Good but...

This app is good but we cant use "cin>>" two time.


#include <stdio.h> int main () { printf("VEEERY GOOD!!n"); }


Im a beginner, but as far as i can See its Great. But pls Save often, someone the App shuts down suddenly. I think Thats ok for a mobil phone IDE ;-)

Pretty good

..but it unfortunately crashes too often to buy the 5$ full version.

Does NOT work on iPad4 anymore - very bad strategy !

this is not understandable, why i paid for the premium version and now being left out in the dark with no function on iPad 4 anymore !

Run error

Cant run the code but it compile it successfully (terminal not showing) Was working few days ago then stopped working.

Crash compiler!

It crashes on every single compile and cant run... Worked once when I downloaded and that was it. Work it up... You can do better...


It crashes once in a while. Better then any other free c++ compiler. Cin actually works impressive. The only big problem is the screen does not scroll down or up in the compiler. Add this please.


Its disgusting that the dev tries to make people pay for any more then three pathetic compiles--and for an app that barely works in the first place. UI is awful and slow, theres no autocomplete, and you cant even scroll in the output window. I would be fine with *all* of the above... if the dev didnt try to get people to PAY for this.

アイcant open the keyboard


テキストをペーストできない。 Cannot past a text.

Editorでテキストをペーストするとアプリが落ちます。 Editorの機能は充実しているので早急に直していただきたいです。 Pasting a text, this application abends. Since Editor is very useful, I would like you to fix this bug as soon as possible.

Keyboard problem

I cant open keyboard i cant write anything ,bad.


Sometimes crashed but useful, for write:more->new project and enjoy :)

Potential, but obvious bugs

I am just learning to code C++ and this is an easy to use application for just that. I can create projects, compile and run them with ease. However, when attaching a bluetooth keyboard(necessary for coding on a tablet), a white space appears where the keyboard used to be. Either the application is having a hard time detecting an external keyboard or it is not implemented. Also when the application is checking my program after I edit a spot in my code it takes a second to update. If I move my cursor before it updates to the changes it just moves it back to where it was. The three stars is generous, however if not for these irritating problems I would give it 5 stars as it simply works.

Great app!

Still cant believe its possible co compile C/C++ on iOS! But it works!

Anton, connect with me!

Where I can get .h files? Rus/Eng Anton?

Font size

Thx for app, add please font options (include size reg), current too small :(

Now broken app(

Useful app,but now on iOS 9.3 is app not working correctly. ( please fix it

Good app

The app is really good but the font size in too small for some people and we need a font size option .. Download this app its awesome

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